Why to Choose IIM Calcutta Over Other IIMs?

Here, I am sharing the story of Interview of Class Topper – Anish Patil about  the IIM Calcutta

Getting into an MBA programme, especially at one of the IIMs, is surely a tough task. But what’s even tougher is to excel and emerge as a course topper in a PGP Programme at an IIM. During your time IIMs, you are pitted against the best brains of the country and exceling among them needs special effort and real talent. IIM Calcutta – PGP Rank One, Mr Anish Patil shares with us his strategy that helped him overcome the fierce competition and emerge as the Class Topper at IIM Calcutta.

Choosing IIM Calcutta over Other IIMs

IIM Calcutta, being the finance campus of the country, was the obvious choice for Anish, as he wants to pursue a Career in Finance course after completing his MBA. In addition to this, he also considered various other factors such as the academic culture as well as feedback from alumni and seniors which convinced him that IIM Calcutta was the right B-school for him. To top that, facilities such as the Financial Research & Trading Laboratory further also makes IIM Calcutta an ideal choice for anyone interested in Finance.

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Strategy to Emerge as Class Topper / PGP – Rank One

Sharing tips and strategies that helped Anish beat the competition and emerge as the PGP – Rank One at IIM Calcutta, he emphasises upon:

• Attending Classes: Attending classroom lectures, participating in discussions and paying attention to the minor details that are discussed in the class are pivotal for students at IIMs. Doing this will lays a strong conceptual foundation about new concepts which will go a long way in helping you excel.

• Pre & Post Class Preparation: Similarly, preparing for the topics that are going to be discussed in the class in advance and revisiting them after it also goes a long way in helping you master management principles and concepts in the long run.

• Discipline & Consistency: Excelling at IIMs need discipline and consistency in everything you do; be it regular study or projects or research. Therefore, unlike engineering college, where one would study a day or two before the exam and score good marks, at IIMs, one has to make a consistent effort to stay at the top of their game.

• Managing Peer Pressure: Another challenge that students at IIMs face is of the peer-pressure. Being surrounded by the best brains in the country can be overwhelming at times. The key to this lies in managing peer pressure and this can be done by focusing on one’s strengths and priorities. This will help students not only to be good at their studies but also ensure that they focus on the right things at the right time.

Extracurricular at IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta is known for its infrastructure and facilities that it provides to the students. These combined with the research oriented academic culture at IIM Calcutta, makes for a unique learning experience for the students. In terms of extracurricular activities, IIM Calcutta has several student led initiatives and clubs including the Finance Club. The B-school also has its own Investment Fund i.e. IIM JOKA Advantage Fund, wherein students collect investment amount from campus community and invest them in the stock markets. Coming to facilities, IIM Calcutta has very good sports facilities including a well-equipped gymnasium as well which all the students use regularly. Simply put, there are a lot of things to do on campus apart from academics that keeps students productively engaged throughout the year.

Being part of Finance course Campus of India

Anish feels that IIM Calcutta has proven itself to be the Finance Campus of the country because of the following reasons:

• Academic Culture: The overall academic culture at IIM Calcutta is focused on Finance course. Be it the faculty, recruiters, facilities or the general interest of the students; all of these factors showcase a preference towards Finance. For instance, the Financial Trading and Research Laboratory is one of its kinds across all B-Schools in India and it is only available at IIM Calcutta. Add to that the alumni, which are placed at consequential positions in the field of finance, enriches the academic culture at IIM-Calcutta more suited towards the study of finance.

• Faculty Members: IIM Calcutta has some of the most accomplished names in the Finance sector as its faculty members in the Finance department. The faculty members have respectable accomplishments that make them stand at par with their global counterparts.

• Student Interests: Being the finance campus, IIM Calcutta course attracts a lot of students who are deeply interested in finance or those who plan to pursue a career in it. Consequently, one can find a large group of students at IIM Calcutta who share their passion for Finace and learn from each other.

• Recruiters / Placements: IIM Calcutta course also attracts a lot of recruiters who are looking for talent in the field of finance. Be it for summer placements or the final placements, recruiters look for and hire talent in the finance field from the B-school. This makes it an ideal place for students from finance background to be.

Plans After IIM Calcutta

Being interested in the field of Finance, Anish’s immediate career goal is to pursue a Career in Finance in India. Backed by government impetus, Indian economy has showcased strong signs of economic and financial revival. Consequently, the field of Finance is also expected to see consistent growth in the coming year. This makes it the right time to start a career in finance which can be groomed in the coming year. For this, the placement infrastructure at IIM Calcutta has provided him internship opportunity with Goldman Sachs and he is expecting a final placement call from them as well. As of now he is not planning to explore any other interest areas including entrepreneurship or start-ups. 

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Top 4 Executive Programs by the IIM’s

Find these productive IIM executive programs offered by the IIMS aiming to develop the modern need for strategic management and change management skills.

Executive Programme in Leadership & Management by IIM Calcutta

The modern business today comprises of complex issues due to the rapid changes in the technologies. It, therefore, demands managers to think strategically for effective collaborations. One needs to have the skills across disciplines, majorly concerning more production with limited availability of resources. 

The Executive Programme in Leadership & Management by IIM Calcutta aims at implementing the thinking skills of the general managers strategically to make the most of the resources. It helps them make rational decisions on real-time strategic issues. Formerly known as PLAM, the course is now renamed as EPLM. The course has successfully helped senior managers with over 10 years of experience who did not have an opportunity to grab a quality IIM Calcutta executive MBA and enhance their leadership potential.

IIM Calcutta courses

Self-employed and working professionals can apply for the course. Also the candidates who interested in distance learning mba from IIM, they can also do. They should have minimum 10 years of experience with at least 50% score in their class 10, 12 and graduation from a UGC/AICTE recognized university.

Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management by XLRI Jamshedpur

Studies and research have proved that managers who have been in the business from quite some time are resistant to change. They lack their own development skills for technological changes and improvements in technology. While the organizations do train managers about the new processes, the trainings fail in changing the mindset of the candidates. Here is where Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management by XLRI Jamshedpur comes into the picture. The program helps in building change management expertise among its participants. Focusing on the change management, the leadership management goes hand in hand, letting managers be more successful in handling day to day tasks. You can also pursue this course via IIM Distance learning method.

Distance MBA From IIM

Self-employed and working professionals can apply for the course. They should have minimum 3 years of experience with a good score in their class 10, 12 and graduation from a recognized university.

Executive Certificate Program in Strategic Management by IIM Kashipur

Alike to the programs mentioned above talking about the development of strategic management and change management among professionals, the Executive Certificate Program in Strategic Management by IIM Kashipur aims to build a sustainable competitive advantage for managers. It familiarizes the learners with wide-range of concepts of strategy formulation and management. After completing the course, one tends to overcome their leadership challenges doing much better in their roles.

Working professionals with minimum 4 years of experience and a good score in their class 10, 12, graduation from a UGC/AICTE recognized university can apply.

Executive Professional Development Program in Strategic Management by IIM Rohtak

This course by IIM Rohtak again focuses on the strategic management skills of the managers and consultants. It aims to help the participants understand the strategic management process, globalization and the changing business environment. While promoting the strategic thinking of the participants, the course gives the learners an exposure to tools and fundamental principles of strategic management.

Working professionals with minimum 4 years of experience and a good score in their class 10, 12, graduation from a UGC/AICTE recognized university can apply.

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